Jeco College’s mission is to be a leading school in the provision of excellent academic experience, development of talent and moral strength of the students in a conducive environment. We also believe in the importance of preparing students to be leaders in their own lives and in the community.

To that end, Jeco College has designed its program around these values:


Demonstrating empathy and compassion; being accountable to other people and to the community, and working constructively with others.


Recognizing that every action you take is a reflection of who you are as a learner and as an emerging leader; being accountable for your actions, your thoughts, and your words; demonstrating organization and prioritization to handling responsibilities; following through on your commitments and taking responsibility for your own development and life-long learning.


Moving beyond seeing only problems to creating solutions; being aware and reflecting to understand, learn and promote innovations; and improving decision making.


Clearly expressing ideas in a way that others can understand, effectively using a variety of communication forms (Oral, Written, Mathematical, Scientific, Technological and Creativity) to communicate.