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Pastoral care in Jeco College is organised to complement academic development, as a happy and settled student is more likely to succeed academically and have a positive outlook on life. Each student is treated essentially as an individual, with the potential for further excellence waiting to be explored and refined.

We recognize that a pastoral team is invaluable to the school community by promoting a culture of care and support. Our students are carefully guided through their adolescent years and taught to see mistakes or failures as success deferred, provided that they learn from the negative experience.

This atmosphere encourages our students to develop a lasting sense of moral, social and spiritual responsibility. The aim is to turn out self-confident & caring individuals through interaction and the co-operation of all school based support services.

All teachers and administrative staff are involved in pastoral work.

There is an extensive programme (formal & informal) of activities and the aim is to respond to the needs of students and to offer guidance and support at an individual level. There is always someone a student can turn to for advice, support, or encouragement.

  •  Form Tutors oversee the well-being of the students within the classroom and school context as well as ensuring continuity of various domestic issues, care for the health and well-being of their wards, supported by the school medical staff.
  • The Counselling Unit offers a specialist range of support to students and augments the role of other pastoral personnel. Their work can be focused on a whole group, or an individual student.
  • In upholding our school ethos we have developed a behaviour policy  with a set of clearly defined  enforced expectations that are consistent across the school. The aim of the behaviour policy is to allow students to develop self-discipline, self-awareness and consideration for others. The policy also aims at helping the students learn that good behaviour is an intrinsic value and is not just about living within what may seem to be an arbitrary set of rules. A well implemented good behaviour policy can also help students to develop in ways that transcend the curriculum, equipping them for life after school. Therefore, we take the time required to explain to our students, the importance of the school’s behaviour policy and how these expectations relate to both school and everyday life.